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(Search Engine Optimization)
for Small Business in Ireland.

Is Wix Good for SEO? 

If you're here, that's a question you've been asking yourself lately. As a qualified SEO with 6 years experience optimizing websites built on the Wix platform, I know how frustrating it can be to see your Wixsite missing from Google search results, because I've been there. That's why I created SEO for Wix. As a small business owner myself, I'm passionate about helping other small business owners insert the SEO they're missing and move up through the Google search engine results page (SERP), all at an affordable fair price.


My Wix SEO Services for

Small Business Websites

Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Getting to Page 1 is the goal of every small business online. If you're not in the top 10, you're not connecting with your target audience and the products or services you offer are practically invisible.

My tailored SEO service will identify both the SEO you have missed and the ways in which your site design is not in line with Google guidelines and holding you back. With these in place, the barriers to being found online will be removed, allowing your website to be found online and convert site visitors.

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Every small business is different and not every one needs to reach the whole world with their products or services. If yours is like that, then local SEO is for you. By using local SEO, even the smallest of businesses can focus their SEO efforts on one geographical area and become a big fish in that one small pond. This type of SEO is perfect for businesses that provide products or services to one fixed location, allowing them to appear on page 1 for searches conducted by people in that target location.

Local SEO allows you to outrank your better funded/ multinational competitors because you are more in tune with your local area than they ever could. Your website is included in every local listing and you create useful content with a level of expertise, authority and trust that only a local business could, which Google recognizes and rewards. Your reviews are all from people living locally, and your promotions on Google My Business are 100% locally focused. When done right, those impersonal multi-nationals don't stand a chance!

Google Penalty Removal.

If your Wix Website has experienced a sudden drop in organic search ranking, it may be because your site is subject to a manual action (i.e. penalty) from Google. These can happen for many reasons, but are generally due to your site being recognized as having attempted to "game" Google's algorithm in order to secure a higher (but undeserved) ranking. Many sites find themselves in this position because the site owner followed some poor SEO advice, has recently hired an SEO promising amazing results or has committed the ultimate sin of buying backlinks.

Whatever the reason, my penalty removal service will find the root cause of the penalty you have received, correct the transgression and submit your redeemed site to Google who will review it, verify the correction and restore you to your natural ranking position.

Perhaps you've just recently recognised that your business needs an online presence, but finding someone to create a Wixsite within your budget is proving difficult? If so, look no further.
I make websites that not only look sleek, but more importantly they get found online.

SEO for Lawyers.

Having previously qualified as an Attorney-at-Law in New York and practiced law in Ireland for 4 years, if any SEO in the world knows how challenging rainmaking can be, it's me! In some ways, a well optimized Wix website can be like having an extra partner working to bring quality clients to your practice on a regular basis, no matter your area of expertise. In fact, the more specialized you are, the more a well optimized Wix website helps.

SEO for Doctors, Medical Professionals and Finance Professionals.

If your site offers either medical or financial advice, then you are being affected by the so-called "Google-Medic" algorithm update, which rolled out in early August 2018. This algorithm crawls medical and financial sites, placing particular emphasis on the levels of Expertise, Authority and Trust (E-A-T) they display. If your Wixsite falls into this category, your ranking in Google will be negatively affected until you specifically address this E-A-T issue.
Even if you are well established in your profession and can demonstrate your expertise and authority to Google, having a new website can mean that that simple trustworthiness issues are holding back the potential of your site. The good news is that there are concrete steps you can take in the next 10 minutes to demonstrate to Google that your site really is trustworthy, beginning with having your website rated by McAfee.

Choosing the right keywords to target and then successfully setting the site up to be found for them is often the reason why some businesses get found online and others don't. It's essential that site owners take their time and chooses their keywords carefully. During that process, site owners can become torn between a multitude of keywords, at which point it makes sense to identify the keywords that make the most commercial sense, and then use those as the main keywords you build your Wix SEO strategy around.

Deciding exactly which keywords should be your main ones can be a challenge, so to help here is my guide on how to choose your keywords.

Having a beautiful site is nice, but having a site design that aligns with Google guidelines is important. Google expects certain user-experiences to be present on any site, and when they are found to be absent, your site is considered to offer a less than ideal user experience. Sites that offer such an experience aren't the sites Google wishes to present to their search users, and so your site will struggle to rank well when certain common sense user experiences are missing. My Wix Search Engine Optimization service will ensure your site design will fully align with these Google guidelines.

What is SEO &Why is it so Valuable to Your Business?

The Moz website (basically the bible of SEO) define SEO as "...the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results".

For busy small business owners, a simpler definition is that Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most valuable free advertising you can get. Unlike traditional advertising which presents you to a wide and often uninterested audience, SEO sees your site recommended to search engine users at exactly the time they are searching for the products or services you offer.

Black Hat v White Hat Search Engine Optimization.
Google have always had guidelines regarding how websites should be designed in order to rank well in their search results. Unfortunately, in the beginning their ability to see which websites were and were not following these guidelines was quite limited, meaning SEOs could manipulate the Google algorithm into thinking their clients' websites were more useful than they actually were. In short, it was like the wild west. Link-schemes (sending hundreds, if not thousands, of links to the website of each client) were rife, while stuffing large volumes of keywords onto a site (often made invisible by making the color of the text and the background the same) was also widespread. These techniques are commonly referred to as Black Hat SEO.
Then, came the day of reckoning. On April 24, 2012, Google released a now infamous update known as the Penguin Update. That algorithm meant that sites which were involved in these forbidden practices could be identified, and penalized. It initially affected 3.1% of the English-language search queries and the figure has grown steadily ever since. Between then and 2016, there were 10 documented updates to this algorithm, until it finally became part of Google's core algorithm in 2017.
Despite the widespread awareness in the SEO community of which optimization tactics are and are not permitted, there is still a minority of SEOs out there promising instant gains through their use of the Black Hat SEO tactics mentioned above. While these tactics may work in the short-term, in the medium to long term the are certain to be noticed by Google and result in your site being given a penalty, doing significant damage to your site rank for an extended period of time.
On the other hand, White Hat SEO describes the practice of SEO which is done entirely within Google guidelines. Just click to see/ download all 167 pages of Google guidelines
If you don't have the time available to read them and then implement their best practices on your Wix website, I'm happy to help.
Is Wix Good for SEO in 2023?
There is a lot of mis-information out there about websites built on Wix. Much of it is simply out-of-date information from when Wix had a justifiably negative reputation for SEO about 5 years ago. As an SEO who now works with Wix every single day, I would like to help put the record straight, highlighting this mis-information and explaining why it is now out of date.
#1: Wix Websites are Slow.
Because of the amount of JavaScript contained on Wix websites, they might not be as fast as standard websites created by web designers, but from an SEO point of view not being as fast as standard websites doesn't necessarily mean that Wix websites are slow.
In the past, Wix loading speeds were terribly slow, and that's where the slow reputation came from. However, since February 2019, Wix site loading speeds have come on leaps and bounds, at which point Wix introduced Wix Turbo. They now even provide their own Wix sitespeed testing tool which you can use to test your Wix website site loading speedGoogle themselves tell us that 50% of site visits are abandoned if the site loading time drags on over 3 seconds, so as long as your site loads in under that time, you will not have any problems. If you've checked your site and see that it does need to load quicker, check out my guide on how to make your Wix website load quicker in 30 minutes or less.
#2: Wix Websites are not Mobile Friendly.
Again, this was once the case and the criticism was completely justified. However, since October 2013, Wix websites have automatically featured responsive design across devices and are now completely mobile device friendly across all platforms.
3: Wix Don't Offer the Level of Refinement Necessary for Optimization.
In the past this was indeed the case, but not anymore. Nowadays optimization is possible pretty much to a granular level. For example, text can be edited from h1 to h6 levels, meta titles can be written and rewritten, images and even vector art can contain alt-text to describe what is to be seen to Google.
Sure, Wix talk about the 'one size fits all' Wix SEO Wizard as if it were the final word in optimization rather than the foundational starting point that it is, but their saying so is understandable and doesn't take away from that fact that a high level of SEO refinement is possible on Wix.
At this point, it's probably best to finish by hearing what Google themselves have to say about Wix SEO:

Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller himself has gone on record in a Google Webmasters Help Thread saying "Wix websites work fine in search". In the SEO industry, if John Mueller says it, it's simply regarded as a fact. There simply isn't a greater authority.
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