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Improve the Load Speed of your Wix Website in 30 Minutes or Less.

I specialize in optimizing Wix websites for Google search and I'm passionate about helping small businesses succeed online.

Because small business owners don't have the time to get into the fine details of optimizing their site, here are 4 quick search engine optimizations which can be made to your Wix website in a total time of 30 minutes or less. They're guaranteed to help you reduce your page load speed down to acceptable levels and Google will reward you with a higher page rank as a result.

1- Remove Google Analytics Tracking Tag.

As a small business, does Google Analytics actually do anything for you? Sure, it gives you some 'nice to know' information about how many people visited your site and what their interests are; but honestly, have you ever acted on the information it provides?

If not, then it's time to remove the Google Analytics Tracking Tag from your Wix website. Why? Because the Google Analytics Tracking Tag needs to be loaded every time someone visits your site and so it's costing you page load speed (as recently acknowledged by Google's own John Mueller), and the slower the page load speed is, the lower your page rank will be in Google search results.

It doesn't make sense to continue to slow down your website load speed for the sake of having analytics you never actually act upon, so if you want to reduce your page load speed time and move a few places up the Google rankings as a result, removing the Google Analytics Tracking Tag from your Wix website is a great place to start.

2- Remove the Facebook Pixel Tracking Tag.

Just like with the Google Analytics Tracking Tag above, having the Facebook Tracking Tag on your website also costs you page load speed. Sure, it was useful when you ran that one Facebook campaign two years ago, but what has it done for you recently?

Unless you regularly run Facebook campaigns, you don't need this dead-weight hanging around and slowing down your site. Do yourself a favor and take another simple step to improve your Wix website page load speed by removing the Facebook Pixel.

3- Keep All Videos Away From the Above-the-Fold Section of Your Website.

On your Wix website, videos take longer to load than images and text. In fact, they're the slowest thing to load about any Wix website. If you really must have videos on your website, please don't make the mistake of having them in the above-the-fold section of your website (the area at the top of your site that site visitors see, before they begin to scroll down). Google wants whatever you place in this space to load without any unnecessary delay, so placing a Wix video player there and asking Google to wait while it loads is simply a bad idea.

Therefore, to improve your Wix website page load speed, drag your video players away from the above-the-fold section and move them further down the page so that they are away from the all important above-the-fold section and will have loaded by the time site visitors scroll down to see them.

4- Keep Sliders, Galleries and any Other Animated Parts to an Absolute Minimum.

Having your site full of beautiful galleries, sliders and other animated moving parts is difficult to resist, I get it. However, you should know that all of these added features are slowing down your site and costing you valuable page load speed. At this point you have to ask yourself a question: what do I want for my small business, a stunning website that looks beautiful or a regular looking website that actually ranks well and leads to higher sales? If you are a business seeking higher sales, I recommend you reduce the amount of moving parts and galleries on your site to an absolute minimum. You'll be reducing your load speed to an absolute minimum, which Google will thank you for.

If you're in business using a Wix website, taking 30 minutes to perform these simple steps really is the most productive thing you can do for your website today.

Author: Tom Nelan. SEO for Wix.

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