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About Wix SEO Specialist Tom Nelan

I wasn't always an SEO... 

Once upon a time I practiced law in Tralee and had never heard of Search Engine Optimization or the Wix platform. That all began to change after I helped my wife create her translation company, Japanology Kerry Consulting Ltd.

We soon discovered a problem... the site wasn't ranking for anything on Google. Sounds familiar right?

At that point I began learning about SEO and haven't looked back since. In 2017 I formally studied Search Engine Optimization with the Digital Marketing Institute of Ireland in Dublin, where I qualified in the top 1% of graduates of the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing course. Don't take my word for it, you can see the proof here.

I first put my digital marketing skills to use by moving my wife's Japanese translation website to the top of Google search results for certified Japanese translation services.

In 2018, I began offering my SEO services to others on the website, where I have since received over 370 five-star reviews (and zero negative reviews).

In 2020 I began offering my services on the official Wix Marketplace, where I have risen to become a Top 25 Wix Partner.

More recently I have been offering my SEO services directly from here, my own website. I have received plenty of five-star reviews on Google for these services also, which can be seen here.

Direct Contact Details:

Tel: 087 26 29 484

Office Address:

County Kerry,

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